Ethical Hacking for Beginners: How to Build Your Pen Test Lab Fast

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- Do you want learn how to build a PenTest Lab but you don't know where to start?
- Do you want a practical book that explains step-by-step how to get going?
- Do you want to become an Ethical Hacker or PenTester?

If the answer is yes to the above questions, this book is for you

Frequently Asked Questions
-Question: I am new to IT, and I don't have any experience in the field of Hacking, should I get this book?
-Answer: This book is designed to those interested in Penetration Testing aka Ethical Hacking, and having limited, or no experience in the realm of Cybersecurity.

-Question: I am not a hacker. Are there any technical prerequisites for reading this book?
-Answer: No. This book is written in everyday English, and no technical experience required.

-Question: I have been reading similar books before, but I am still not sure if I should buy this book. How do I know this book is any good?
-Answer: This book is written by a Security Architect, having over a decade of experience on platforms such as: Cisco Systems, Checkpoint, Palo Alto, Brocade, Back Track / Kali Linux, RedHat Linux, CentOS, Orion, Prime, DLP, IPS, IDS, Nexus, and much more... Learning from someone with real life experience is extremely valuable. You will learn about real life technologies and methodologies used in today's IT Infrastructure, and Cybersecurity Division.



  • What are the Foundations of Penetration Testing
  • What are the Benefits of Penetration Testing
  • What are the Frameworks of Penetration Testing
  • What Scanning Tools you should be Aware
  • What Credential Testing Tools you must Utilize
  • What Debugging & Software Assurance Tools are Available
  • Introduction to OSINT & Wireless Tools
  • What is a Web Proxy, SET & RDP
  • What Mobile Tools you should be familiar with
  • How Communication must take place
  • How to Cover your Back
  • How to Setup a Lab in NPE
  • How to Setup Hyper-V on Windows 10
  • How to Setup VMware on Windows 10
  • How to Assemble the Required Resources
  • How to Install Windows Server in VMware
  • How to Configure Windows Server in VMware
  • How to Install Windows Server in Hyper-V
  • How to Configure Windows Server in Hyper-V
  • How to Install & Configure OWASP-BWA in VMware
  • How to Install & Configure Metasploitable in VMware
  • How to Install Kali Linux in VMware
  • How to Install BlackArch in Hyper-V
  • What Categories of Penetration Tests exists
  • What Software & Hardware you must have as a PenTester
  • Understanding Confidentiality
  • What are the Rules of Engagement
  • How to set Objectives & Deliverables
  • What Type of Targets you must deal with
  • Specialized Systems for Pen Testers
  • How to Identify & Response to Risk
  • How to Prepare your Pen Test Team for an Engagement
  • What are the Best Practices before Going Live


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