Windows 10 for Seniors in Easy Steps

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Windows 11 for
Seniors in easy steps
is written with older citizens in mind. It'll
guide you through Windows 11, a step at a time, and covers all the key features
in the 22H2 Windows update, including:

  • The redesigned Windows user
  • Apps and widgets to stay in
    touch, browse the net, watch movies, share photos, play music and games, get
    real-time world weather and news, and more.
  • Personalizing Windows to
    suit your needs using Settings and features such as Focus to choose when you
    receive notifications.
  • Accessibility features in
    Windows 11.
  • Keeping your files and apps
    organized for easy access, and keeping your computer secure and working in
    tip-top condition!
  • Packed with tips throughout, this
    leading guide for seniors will help you get more out of Windows 11 - at your
    own pace!

    In Easy Steps