Android Phones for Seniors in Easy Steps: Updated for Android Version 10

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Android Phones
for Seniors in easy steps, 3rd edition
unravels the world of Android smartphones. It provides an overview
of the popular models, and then shows how to:

  • Customize your phone to suit
    your needs.
  • Master the Home screen and key
  • Keep in touch via phone and
    video calls, texts, email, and social media.
  • Command your phone to search
    for anything on your phone or on the web, using the keyboard or the voice
  • assistant.
  • Find apps to take, edit and
    share photos; listen to and manage music; watch videos; read ebooks; get
    healthy and fit; and more!
  • Use the new Focus mode to take
    control and not get disturbed when resting except for emergency calls or
  • Invaluable for all Android phone

    In Easy Steps