Information Security: Foundations, Technologies and Applications

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8The latest advances in computational methods have increased their scalability across a diverse range of applications and possible practical deployment. This book outlines the key emerging trends in computational methods, in terms of theories, algorithms and applications, for information security. Studies which couple computational theories and algorithms with real-time information security problems are combined with survey material which emphasizes the applications of computational methods in information security. It covers computing paradigms and technologies such as cryptography and cryptanalysis, biometrics-based identification and recognition, watermarking and steganography, software security assurance, physical and logical accesses, and cloud-based systems. It features applications to surveillance, e-health, e-government, e-business, financial services, computer forensics, privacy and trust, cybersecurity and defense.

Computational Methods in Information Security is a comprehensive review of cutting-edge algorithms, technologies, and applications, and provides new insights into a range of fundamentally important topics in the field. This up-to-date body of knowledge is essential reading for researchers and advanced students in information security and computing, and for professionals in sectors where information security is an issue.
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