Make an Impact: The Step by Step Guide to Mastering Prezi

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4Finally - no more 'Death By PowerPoint'
This indispensable, plain English and 100% independent guide, written by a Prezi trainer and designer and fully updated for 2015, helps you ditch the slides once and for all.
Fully illustrated with step-by-step instructions, this is a no-nonsense, jargon-free approach to getting to grips with Prezi quickly and painlessly.
Contents includes:
- Understanding the Prezi canvas - Scaling objects - Grouping objects - Themes - Working With images - The Prezi path - Framing content - Hidden reveals - Fade-In animation - Working With frames - Diagrams And Templates - Working With video - Working With audio - Favorites - Importing A Powerpoint (or not) - 3D Backgrounds - Portable prezis - Sharing and collaborating - Printing handouts
About the author Kyle MacRae has a long history in technology journalism and has authored a dozen consumer tech manuals for Haynes Publishing. He is also founder and managing director of Blether Media, which has specialised in Prezi training and design since 2009.
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