Essential Macs Mojave Edition: The Illustrated Guide to Using Your Mac

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The twenty-first century offers more technology than we have ever seen before, but with new updates and apps coming out all the time, it's hard to keep up.

  • Essential Macs: Mojave Edition is here to help. Along with easy to follow step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and photographs, this guide offers specifics in...
  • Setting up your Mac and exploring Mojave's new features
  • Navigating your Mac using the Dock, Finder, Dashboard, Spotlight, Spaces, Mission Control, and LaunchPad
  • Using touch gestures on the trackpad, magic mouse, as well as some useful keyboard shortcuts
  • Using Handoff, MailDrop, iMessage, Universal Clipboard, Auto Unlock, and Apple Pay
  • The new AppStore, Pages, Keynote, Apple Books, Continuity Camera and Maps
  • Using new apps such as News and Voice Memos Security considerations, malware, and backing with Time Machine
  • Maintaining your Mac with updates and keeping your machine running smoothly
  • Setting up WiFi, using the internet, email, emojis, iMessage, and FaceTime
  • Using calendar and reminders to keep track of appointments & events, taking notes, and using Siri
  • Downloading and upgrading to Mojave Organising and listening to your favourite music with iTunes and Apple Music
  • Storing, organising, enhancing your photos, as well as sharing them on social media
  • Creating photo albums, slideshows, photo books, greetings cards, calendars, and printing photos
  • Watching Films and TV Programmes, and much more...

Unlike other books and manuals that assume a computing background not possessed by beginners, Essential Macs: Mojave Edition tackles the fundamentals of the Mac, so that everyone from students, to senior citizens, to home users pressed for time, can understand.

So, if you're looking for a Mac manual, Essential Macs: Mojave Edition will help you maximize the potential of your Mac to increase your productivity, and help you take advantage of the digital revolution.

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