Facebook Inspiration: 30 Days of Creativity for Your Page

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Facebook represents a significant marketing opportunity for small local businesses. It isn't just a social network for your private life. Facebook also enables you to promote your business and raise awareness of your brand.

Facebook Inspiration is intended for businesses that don't have a marketing department. It's for small business owners who know that they ought to be doing 'something' on Facebook to market their business, but they're not entirely sure what that something looks like.

Vanessa Hunt shares her marketing experience and examples to help you increase brand awareness for your small business. If you block out just thirty minutes a day to work through this beautiful book, Vanessa will teach you how to:

- Write captivating posts that show how your business is unique
- Exercise your creativity to produce visible marketing results
- Market your business on Facebook with confidence

Each week introduces a different theme. You will be encouraged to scribble your creative ideas beneath the daily inspiring questions and plan your Facebook posts.

Attractive photos of butterflies and motivational quotes are scattered throughout to stir your creativity.

This fun practical book will help you discover how to create a community of followers who consistently interact with your business page. By regularly updating your Facebook page, your followers will get to know you, recognise what your brand stands for and gradually trust you. This means you don't have to be pushy. Instead, you can educate and inform potential clients. Vanessa's experience suggests this is much more satisfying and rewarding way to develop business.

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