Murach's Java Programming (6th Edition)

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If you want to learn Java programming but don't know where to start, this is the right book for you. From the first page, our unique self-paced approach will help you build competence and confidence in your programming skills, even if you're completely new to programming.

But this isn't just a book for beginners! Our self-paced approach also works for experienced programmers, helping you learn Java faster and better than you've ever learned a language before. By the time you're through, you will have mastered all of the Java skills that are needed on the job, including the skills for developing object-oriented applications that use a graphical user interface (GUI) and a database.

To make this possible, section 1 of this book presents a 9-chapter course that gets anyone off to a great start building object-oriented applications in Java. Then, the next 3 sections build on that base by presenting more on object-oriented programming, the essentials for developing GUIs, and additional skills that every professional Java programmer should have, including how to work with a database.

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