3, 2, 1...Podcast!: The Beginner's Guide to Building Brand Authority Through Podcasting

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Forty-two million Americans listen to podcasts weekly. Odds are, you've been one of them. Now, you're ready to be behind the mic--but you've got questions. Can I afford to do one? Do I need a producer? Which microphone do I use? How do I get my podcast out to the masses?

In 3, 2, 1... Podcast! your favorite physician podcaster answers these questions and more. Through this guide, Dr. Darko will expertly lead you along the journey of starting and maintaining a successful podcast. You will quickly:

  • Learn what tools you'll need to start a podcast
  • Figure out what your podcast will be about
  • Learn how to interview your guests--like a BOSS
  • Understand how to build a loyal listenership
  • Discover the importance of podcast directors

If you're ready to jump into the podcasting craze, this fun and easy-to-read guide will have you on the air in no time!

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