Apple AirPods: Practical Manual with Tips and Tricks on How to Maximize AirPods Pro, Max, 1 & 2 (All AirPods Series) And Troubleshoot

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Are you a first-time user of Apple AirPods and don't know your way around it? Learn how to use, customize and get the most out of your Airpods with this mind-blowing guide.

Apple AirPods are Apple's wireless earbuds designed to automatically connect to an audio output. It has the ability to sense when they are in your ears and pause when you take them out.

Apple AirPods has gone beyond just being a trendy new tech, they have practically become a cultural phenomenon. It is no longer strange to walk down the street and see people listening to their best tunes or making calls using the AirPods. However, it is not weird if you are yet to join the train. Some people still have the fear of losing the headphones (EarPods) due to the absence of wires, this is one issue that the new AirPods Pro have tried to address. Apart from the wireless listening experience that one gets from this headphone (EarPods), the AirPods also offer numerous functions.

In this guide what you stand to learn includes the following and at the same time not limited to;

-A comprehensive review of the product

-Charging the Airpod

-Battery level notifications

-How to check the charge status

-Setting up with iOS and iPadOS

-Setting up with Mac

-Setting up with Android

-Master Volume control

-Master Music control

-Calls & Messages

-How to Switch Audio

-Learn what Noise cancellation, Transparency mode and Spatial audio entails

-Toggling using iOS and iPadOS

-Toggling with noise control button and customizing the function

-Toggling with settings

-Toggling with Apple watch

-Toggling with Mac

-How to switch on Spatial audio

-How to Disable Automatic head detection

-Understanding LED notifications

-How to Reset the Airpod and many more.......

Amoley Press, Illustrated Edition