Powershell: The QuickStart Beginners Guide

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1Easy to follow guide to learn the basics of Powershell - no previous experience required

This book, "PowerShell: The Quickstart Beginners Guide" will teach you everything that you need to know in order to get started programming with Microsoft Windows PowerShell. If you take the time to learn and practice what you learn within this book, you will find yourself programming with PowerShell in no time

This guide gives you instructions so you can start applying yourself and learning how to use PowerShell right from the start. All terms are broken down throughout the book so you won't be overwhelmed with any technical jargon.

This book contains detailed knowledge and applicable steps on:

* Getting PowerShell Up and Running
* Scripts
* Useful Tools to Help You Along The Way
* How To Set PS Up For Automation
* How To Remote Work with Windows PowerShell
* Objects in PowerShell
* Formatting
* How To Customise Your PowerShell Profile Settings
* What Are Variables
* How To Get Rid of Unwanted Apps
* How To Install PowerShell on Alternate OS
* How To Change Your IP Address
* How To Automatically Write Scripts
* How To Rename a Bunch of Files at the Same Time
* How To Kill a Process with PowerShell
* How To Run Bash Within PowerShell
* PowerShell and PowerGUI
* Tools for IT Professionals
* Advanced PowerShell Remoting
* PowerShell Mistakes (That Everyone Makes)
* Bash Scripts
* Changing Your IP Address on Wired Connections
If you're looking for the easiest way to teach yourself PowerShell then this book will be your best friend. Buy it on Amazon Prime now and start learning from tomorrow

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