Youtube Planning Book for Kids: Bumper Edition: A Bumper Edition of Our Popular Notebook for Budding Youtubers

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"Perfect little planning notebook to get the kids writing their own plans before getting immersed in their videos and screentime. And a little cute record to keep of all of their ideas "

BUMPER EDITION Got a child who loves YouTube and loves making their own videos? Help them harness their ideas and filming skills and get planning like a pro with this kid-friendly YouTube planning notebook.

This is a bumper edition of our original bestselling Youtube planning notebook with more pages for more ideas

Get kids off their screens 24/7 and help them hone their writing, planning, organising, editing, marketing and business skills through a hobby they love - and make better videos because of it

Includes hints and tips on how to make good videos, how to stay safe when publishing online, and a review section to keep thinking about what you do and how to make it better each time.

30 double-spread planning pages to get you started on your YouTube journey, plus idea brainstorming and video inventory pages to get organised. Peace out

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