Gopro Hero 6 Black: Learning the Essentials

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9The GoPro device is one that was created by the American company GoPro Inc. This company was created by Nick Woodman and they generally create action cameras coupled with mobile apps and video editing software. The company was originally called Woodman Labs Inc., named after its founder Nick Woodman. Originally the company was focused on the sports genre and focused on making action cameras and then it went on to video editing software. The HERO6 Black camera was introduced to the market in September 2017 and the camera was designed to be waterproof up to 10m while supporting 4K video recording. This was up to 60 fps for the 4K and 1080p up to 240fps. The system will also be able to upload footage automatically to the cloud service and it can use voice controls up to 5 GHz Wi-Fi. Most notably, it is the first GoPro device to have its own custom SoC which is known as the GP1. This book will cover the features of the GoPro Hero6 Black to inform the reader on what is available.
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