Servicenow Development Handbook - Second Edition: A Compendium of Pro-Tips, Guidelines, and Best Practices for Servicenow Developers

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0ServiceNow is a powerful ITSM (IT Service Management) software solution with a massively configurable back-end. One of the greatest benefits of ServiceNow is that it lets you do just about anything you could want to do, to suit the needs of your business. On that same note, one of the most dangerous things about ServiceNow, is that it lets you do just about anything With such freedom and capacity for customization, comes risk, but that risk is not without great reward, which you can realize with a strong understanding of best-practice. Description The goal of this book is to explore the pitfalls, standards, and best-practices that most ServiceNow ITSM developers either learn the hard way, or never learn at all. These are the things that every developer wishes they knew from day one, and which - once learned - will make you a more effective and efficient developer. This book will teach you how to avoid pitfalls, and empower you with knowledge that will allow you to build much more robust, resilient, powerful, and efficient solutions within the platform. Having an understanding of why a given standard is what it is (and why it
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