Aws Certified Solutions Architect Associate: Exam Study Notes

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3AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Study Notes includes key concepts, architectures, use cases and features designed as a last mile review for AWS certification. Candidates must know how to select, deploy, integrate, manage and troubleshoot AWS services. The guide provides comparison and contrast of cloud services and protocols for easy reference and review. The solutions matrix is a quick reference with recommended use cases that are key to passing the exam. They provide context for topics and questions on the exam. There is a simulation practice test included to verify your knowledge and exam readiness.

Domain 1: Design Resilient Architectures
1.1 Choose reliable/resilient storage.
1.2 Determine how to design decoupling mechanisms using AWS services.
1.3 Determine how to design a multi-tier architecture solution.
1.4 Determine how to design high availability and/or fault tolerant architectures.

Domain 2: Define Performant Architectures
2.1 Choose performant storage and databases.
2.2 Apply caching to improve performance.
2.3 Design solutions for elasticity and scalability.

Domain 3: Specify Secure Applications and Architectures
3.1 Determine how to secure application tiers.
3.2 Determine how to secure data.
3.3 Define the networking infrastructure for a single VPC application.

Domain 4: Design Cost-Optimized Architectures
4.1 Determine how to design cost-optimized storage.
4.2 Determine how to design cost-optimized compute.

Domain 5: Define Operationally-Excellent Architectures
5.1 Choose design features in solutions that enable operational excellence.

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