Inter Conn: Password Journal and Internet Address Book with 392 Entries and Section for Internet and Computer Records (5.25 X 8 In

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0Inter Conn is a discreetly named Password Journal for storing your sensitive online information. You can also use it as an Internet Address Book / Organizer. There is space for 392 Internet addresses, organized alphabetically. There's also a section at the back to record your computer, data and Internet records, such as your computer serial number and WiFi passwords.

This journal features:

  • 112 pages (56 sheets)
  • 5.25 x 8 inches
  • 60 pound (90 gsm) white-colored paper
  • Perfect bound matte softcover (10 pt stock)

Ten percent of book sales go towards enabling youth in developing countries to access better educational opportunities. This money is being donated to Build to Learn, an initiative started by The Mindful Word.

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