Spot-On Encryption Suite: Democratization of Multiple & Exponential Encryption

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9Spot-On Encryption Suite is a secure instant chat messenger and encrypting e-mail client that also includes additional features such as group chat, file transfer, and a URL search based on an implemented URL data-base, which can be peer-to-peer connected to other nodes. Also, further tools for file encryption or text conversion to ciphertext etc. are included. The Spot-On program might currently be regarded as a very elaborated, up-to-date and diversificated open source encryption software for Multi-Encryption and Cryptographic Calling: As it also includes the McEliece algorithm it is thus described as the first McEliece Encryption Suite worldwide - to be especially secure against attacks known from Quantum Computing. Thus, the three basic functions frequently used by a regular Internet user in the Internet - communication (chat / e-mail), web search and file transfer - are now secure over the Internet within one software suite: Open source for everyone. This handbook and user manual of Spot-On is a practical software guide with introductions not only to this application and its innovative and invented processes, but also into Encryption, Cryptography, Cryptographic Calling and Cryptographic Discovery, Graph-Theory, p2p Networking, NTRU, McEliece, the Echo Protocol and the Democratization of Multiple and Exponential Encryption also in the regard of the context of Privacy and Human Rights. The book covers more than 15 chapters and more than 80 figures with content for presentations within educational tutorials or for self-learning opportunities about these topics.
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