SUPER SECRETO - The Third Epoch of Cryptography: Multiple, exponential, quantum-secure and above all, simple and practical Encryption for Everyone

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4The global crisis of Privacy in the 21st century also includes discussions about the right to encryption and restrictions on so-called end-to-end encryption. In order to communicate confidentially and secure against eavesdropping, simple and practical encryption is required for everyone. But how can it be available to everyone? The magic of replacing legible characters with other apparently random and therefore illegible characters had been almost religious for centuries: only those initiated into the invention of a secret language could crack the messages. Encryption remained Super Secreto - Top Secret - Streng Geheim! In the age of smartphone and pocket computers, it is now available to everyone: ever more sophisticated math calculates the so-called cipher text with corresponding keys in our messengers. Both keys and encrypted text used to have to be transmitted to the recipient. In today's Epoch of Cryptography, the transmission of the keys is no longer necessary: The risky transport route for the keys can even be omitted! From the fascination of how Cryptography became abstinent in the transmission of keys - what effect it has on the desire of state agencies for secondary keys - and how multiple and exponential encryption makes resistant against the decryption-attempts of super-quantum-computers ... ... tells Theo Tenzer in this exciting political, technical and socially relevant innovation and science portrait on the Third Epoch of Cryptography.
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