Cybersecurity For Beginners: Discover the Trade's Secret Attack Strategies And Learn Essential Prevention And Damage Control Mechanism

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If you want to protect yourself and your family from the increasing risk of cyber-attacks, then keep reading.

Cybersecurity for Beginners: Discover the Trade's Secret Attack Strategies And Learn Essential Prevention And Damage Control Mechanism will be the book you'll want to read to understand why cybersecurity is so important, and how it's impacting everyone who uses the Internet in 2019 and beyond.

Each day, cybercriminals look for ways to hack into the systems and networks of major corporations and organizations--financial institutions, our educational systems, healthcare facilities and more. Already, it has cost billions of dollars in losses worldwide.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in cybercrime. Needless to mention that individuals are terrorized by someone hacking into their computer, stealing personal and sensitive information, opening bank accounts and purchasing with their credit card numbers.

Identity theft and financial losses are what a victim suffers from a cyber-attack.

Cybercrimes are a threat to our well-being and as dangerous as someone literally breaking into your home.
Yet, there are millions of Americans who continue to remain uninformed or complacent about how they should protect themselves.

Cybersecurity for Beginners closes the knowledge gap by using real-life examples to educate readers. This book is a straightforward guide to keep you, your family and your business safe.

Learn how cybercriminals operate, which secret methods they use, what they look for in vulnerabilities, and learn how to avoid being their next victim.

To give you an idea of what the costs of cybercrime are:

  • 2016--In one of the largest breaches of all time, 3 billion Yahoo accounts were hacked
  • 2017--The U.S. is the most attacked country with 303 known large-scale attacks over the last three years
  • 2018--The hacking of "My Fitness Pal," affecting 150 million users
  • 2019--Businesses fall victim every 14 seconds to a ransomware attack causing its damage costs to increase to $11.5 billion by end of the year 2019.

Cybersecurity for Beginners tells you:

  • How to avoid getting locked out of your own systems
  • Learn how you can identify weak points in your security defense setup
  • Socking insights how you get infected on a legitimate website even when you don't click on anything
  • How to prevent snooping from third parties in your private communications
  • The one key technology to look out for that will disrupt the world of cybersecurity
  • The most important facts and figures to be up on cybersecurity in 2019
  • 9 powerful resources to track global cybercrime activities in real-time
  • What the future of cybersecurity holds and how legislation worldwide will address consumer privacy

And much more.

This book will help you to become more vigilant and protective of your devices and networks even if you're an absolute beginner in the world of digital security

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