Textbook Mos Excel 2016 and 2013 + Extra Exercises: The Most Practical Way to Pass the Mos (Microsoft Office Specialist) Exam!

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8Excel is a spreadsheet program that allows users to perform calculations automatically; select, sort, and arrange data; and quickly summarize information. The step-by-step instructions and practice exercises in the book will help users learn the program thoroughly and efficiently. After working through the book users have the opportunity to take the Microsoft Office Specialist (R) (MOS) exam and receive an official certificate--a useful document in the workplace or on a resume. For optimal exam preparation, various additional materials are available, including an ample assortment of practice files. Even aside from the exam, this is the ideal book for learning crucial Excel skills, including:
working with basic functions, using formulas and series, creating tables and charts, analyzing data, and more.
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