Storytools of Testing: The Most Unlikely Toolkit of a Testing Professional

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It's frustrating isn't it? When you know for sure that there is a smarter way to do the job. When nobody seems interested about the results that you deliver. When your work does not interest the people you serve.

For too many organisations, this is the state of testing today. Mistakes in the mindset of testing still cloud the decisions of teams around the world, and the reflection of these mistakes can be witnessed in the quality of software we use every day. All bugs steal time from someone be it a coder or a client.

Better results grow by luck or by better action. Since luck is not be the best choice in software industry, it's only reasonable to ask how could we take better action then?

The answer might not satisfy an engineer because it's not new apps or tricks. Hacks only help us be more efficient with what we already do. The answer is something much more simple and profound.

We need better ideas. By elevating our thinking, we inevitably elevate our action and the outcome follows.

In testing, breakthroughs are all about learning how to plant seeds of better ideas in the teams that you serve, so that professional level-ups can not be avoided.

Storytools of Testing is the most profound insight to reclaim your professional power.

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