Google Classroom - 2 Books in 1: The Ultimate 2020 Guide for Teachers and Students to Learn about the Features of Google Classroom and Improve the qua

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Have you ever heard about Google Classroom and want to learn more about it?

Are you a teacher or a student in need of knowledge about Google Classroom?

Do you know about Google Classroom 2020 improved features for students and teachers?

If not then, keep reading!

You may have learned about this if you are a teacher, a student, or even a parent. Perhaps your school is beginning to shift into that kind of program. If so, you probably should learn something more about Google Classroom and to do that just read on!

Google classroom is a massive step in educational technology, and this is the reason why so many students and teachers use it. Google Classroom is a tool for digital educational purposes, as well as integrating with already popular tools like Gmail, Docs, and Drive, this book will teach you what you need to know about Google Classroom's daily routine and much more.

This is a bundled book on all the prominent features you would need to know to be able to use this platform comfortably. It highlights many essential points ranging from updates out of the classrooms on how teachers, instructors, and students could set up their own Google Classroom.

In this bundled book you will learn;

- Understanding of Google Classroom from the Basics

- Benefits and Features of Using Google Classroom

- Starting and Managing Google Classroom

- Essential Features of Google Classroom for Teachers

- Essential Tasks of Google Classroom for Students

- Additional Tips for Using Google Classroom

- How to set up Google Classroom correctly to conduct a class?

- The 13 Hacks that everyone should know to use Google Classroom more effectively.

It begins with some of the fundamentals of the classroom and then moving on to some of the different activities that teachers can take advantage of and some of the different tasks that students can use. Google Classroom is ready to provide students with a universal workplace solution with a user-friendly interface, integration with Google Drive, and many useful tools and features that teachers require to deliver a session using Google Classroom.

It finishes off with some of the best #hacks on how to use the classroom effectively, also about the fantastic integration Google Classroom offers with hundreds of very well known applications that can be downloaded for free from the Google for Education platform.

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Ali Keler