Social Engineering and Digital Defense Survival Guide for the Everyday Person: Tools & Tactics to Protect Your Privacy and Identity from Cybercriminal

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This book was written with the intent of helping readers better understand some of the tactics and strategies social engineers use to access information for nefarious purposes. The world has changed a great deal since our childhood in the 80s. Today parents need to warn their kids to be aware of online predators, cybercriminals, and social engineering attacks. There are many kinds of cons criminals will try to run on them. It is important for you, your family, your business, and your community to understand how to keep safe in our current technological world, where we are constantly interconnected and susceptible to many "cyber-strangers."

For many of us, we make sure to lock our cars and the doors to our homes every night, but we do not take the same advice for our devices. This book aims to provide you with tools and tactics to protect not only your devices but you, your family, and your business from unwanted social engineering attacks. Although this book will discuss many technical concepts, we have specifically designed the book for everyone to read, from school kids to senior citizens. Cybercrime does not discriminate, be warned that anyone is fair game.

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