iPhone SE 2020 User Manual: The Ultimate iPhone SE Second Generation User Guide with Step by Step Instructions to Master the New Device including

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The iPhone SE (2020) is the ideal alternative to Apple flagships smartphones and also ideal for people operating on a low budget. The A13 Bionic processor powers the smartphone. This iPhone also returns to the classic fingerprint reader under the screen, Touch ID and there are other exciting features; this guide will help explore and unravel them.

This "iPhone SE (2020) user manual" shows you the step by step process on how to configure, master and efficiently use your smartphone like a pro. The information in this book is detailed and easy to understand, making the phone swift to navigate for first time iPhone users.

This book covers the following topics:

  • Restore from iCloud backup
  • Turn on the iCloud backup
  • Reset iPhone
  • Enable emergency SOS
  • Create a new apple id
  • Change apple id on the iPhone
  • Set up apple pay
  • Using a wireless or USB mouse
  • Set up notification preferences
  • Allow messages to share your personalized contact data
  • Filter unknown calls and messages
  • Activate Siri
  • Change iPhone's language
  • Share photos without location information
  • Remove app size limitations on cellular data
  • Take long screenshots of websites
  • Personalize cycle tracking options
  • Receive period predictions and notifications
  • Configure fertility predictions & notifications
  • Set up haptic touch
  • Use sign-in with apple feature
  • Share your location
  • How to create memoji
  • Create a new reminder
  • Add new subtasks to reminder
  • Pair a Dualshock 4 controller with iPhone
  • Pair Xbox one controller with iPhone
  • Scan documents
  • Save and share webpage as a pdf
  • Enable content blockers in safari
  • Automatically close all open Safari tabs
  • Enable/disable limit ad tracking
  • Turn on voice control
  • Block email senders
  • Block/unblock people who text you
  • Merge duplicate iPhone contacts
  • Copy contacts from social networks & email
  • And many more

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