iPad For Seniors: The senior-focused step-by-step manual to the iPad

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7Updated for 2021, with even larger text and images, plus new content!
Written in an easy to follow way, with large text and images throughout, iPad For Seniors reveals everything you need to know about the iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. Using step-by-step guides, you'll learn how the iPad buttons and hardware work, how to install and use apps, make video calls to loved ones, check your email, plus so much more.

Whether you only need to learn the basics, or you want to discover some really advanced tips, iPad For Seniors is here to help. Inside you'll discover:
- A brief history of the iPad
- All the basics covered, including buttons, gestures, and typing
- How to find and install apps
- Step-by-step tutorials for browsing the internet
- Instructions for setting up accounts and checking emails
- How to make video calls to loved ones
- The secrets of mastering iPad photography
- How to configure Settings & much more!

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