Build Systems With Go: Everything a Gopher must know

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Everything a Gopher must know in a single book!!!

Do not stay in the basics, move forward and learn how you can use Go to build systems using restful APIs, gRPC messaging, powerful loggers, middlware, SQL/noSQL databases, data streaming, and more. A book written for new adopters and experienced developers.

  • More than 200 detailed examples
  • Concise explanations from basic to advanced levels.
  • Explore advanced topics: reflection, concurrency, benchmarking, profiling, etc.
  • Learn how developers use Go: modules, tags, CLIs, encodings, etc.
  • Learn how to build systems with gRPC, Kafka, Cassandra, MySQL, Cobra and more.


  • Part I: The GO language
    • First steps with Go
    • The basics
    • Arrays, slices, and maps
    • Structs, methods and interfaces
    • Reflection
    • Concurrency
    • Input/Output
    • Encodings
    • HTTP
    • Templates
    • Testing
    • Modules and documentation
  • Part II: Building systems
    • Protocol buffers
    • gRPC
    • Logging with Zerolog
    • Command line interface
    • Relational databases
    • NoSQL databases
    • Kafka

The author

Juan M. Tirado has been programming half of his life. He holds a Ph. D. in computer science and has been a researcher at the UC3M, INRIA, and the University of Cambridge. He is interested in how data can be leveraged to enhance large scale distributed systems. With a background between a systems architect and a data scientist, he helps companies to design and implement data-driven solutions. In his free time, he enjoys music, mountaineering, and tapas.

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