How Would Current Technology Have Altered the JFK Tragedy?

by HSG on Dec 09, 2013 in Articles from Software Fans

It is hard not to wonder how current technology would have altered the events surrounding the tragic death of John F. Kennedy. On the afternoon of November 22, 1963, shots rang out in Dallas, TX, taking the life of JFK, one of the most beloved Americans. Given the same circumstances today, surely the advances in IT alone, would have drastically changed the outcome of that horrible day. Would the government have recognized that there was a viable threat looming over JFK? Would local and government agencies have been more prepared for a possible assassination attempt? Would the assortment of everyday communication devices assisted in the prevention of the assassination, not to mention, provided greater resources into the investigation? With all that the IT world has to offer today, how would it have altered the JFK tragedy?


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As many conspiracy theories have rocked the foundation of the official story presented by government agencies, realization of the expansive nature of technology provides equal consideration as to how the event would have been changed had this technology been available during the time of the shooting. There were T.V. cameras, home 8mm recorders, even single shot-hand held cameras snapping away as the car caravan approached. Yet, there remains little documentation of the shooting and even less information pertaining to the precautions taken by officials prior to JFK's arrival. Theorists consider these possibilities along with how the world would have turned out had the great John F. Kennedynever been assassinated on that day.


Among the many changes technology would have manifested in similar situations, is media coverage. According to, the first nationwide television news, broadcast the shooting some ten minutes after it occurred, via CBS. There is little doubt that today's technology would have had the event posted on line, within minutes of its occurrence, as many other media sources would have been covering the arrival of JFK at the same time. The public would have utilized countless devices, streaming live to multiple media sources.


Some technologiesconsidered "common place" likely to have affected how the event unfolded include:


·         The World Wide Web-provides greater resources for communication and delineation of information;

·         Smart Phones-capable of taking pictures as well as videos would have drastically altered how information was passed on to the public. These devices would have also provided a major difference in the investigation of the JFK shooting;

·         Computers would have played an entirely different role in communicating the events, providing more people with immediate information, rather than piece-milled through word-of-mouth;

·         Digital Cameras/Camcorders-another source of documentation unavailable to the public at the time of the shooting;


Consider the very technologies, utilized by government agencies, that many have spoken out against as too invasive and a clear violation of civil rights:


·         Email shadowing-today, this is a technique used by many government agencies, including the NSA and the CIA, to monitor the activity of possible terrorists as well possible acts of terrorism;

·         Google Earth-despite consumer protest, this would have provided an excellent source for monitoring perceived dangers as the caravan made its way through the city;

·         Cell phones/GPS tracking-would have allowed authorities to pinpoint the shooter's position before, during, and after the event. This includes the weeks prior to the shooting, which may have led to any other possible accomplices;

·         Street Cameras-monitoring of vehicles and license plates could have altered authorities of an impending threat;


A host of great technologies and devices, no doubt, would have altered the future of America by preventing the assassination of John F. Kennedy on that tragic day in 1963. The entire world, developed and undeveloped countries alike, run a foot race to be the first to invent and present new software and devices to the world. It is the effect that these tools have on even the most common, every day activity, that has the ability to move this world and its people, forward, hopefully to a more productive and secure society.


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