Machine Learning for Business Analysts and Marketing Professionals Training

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Course Description

Attendees should have some experience working with development software professionals and managers having developed products that diagnose problems in the business as well as provide predictive feedback on where the business is heading. Critical thinking skills and experience in mining and extracting of data are a plus.
Course Length: 1 Days
Course Tuition: $490 (US)


Get a crash course in machine learning. Understand what it is, how it works, and how people are using it. Machine learning is the engine that drives much of the data analysis happening today. This one-day course is for business analysts, product and project managers, and marketing professionals that work across various teams and functions (Engineering, Product, Finance, and Legal) to execute initiatives and tasks. If you are responsible for analyzing large data sets, uncovering business insights, driving revenue, managing various operational processes and code software, this course will help you identify and document relevant business objectives as well as: Gain insight of the importance of machine learning. Understand the solutionâ??s teamâ??s infrastructure of algorithms, automation, and data mining throughout the entire project life cycle. Prioritize technology trends and its application in the business domain and/or Supply chain function

Course Outline


1.  What is Machine Learning

2.  What Machine Learning is not

3.  What Can be Accomplished

4.  What is data mining and are you forgetting something

5.  Machine Learning Tools

6.  Collaborating with the Development Teams

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