XML Programming using Java Training in Bonn, Germany

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Course Description

In this course, Java programmers will learn the basics of XML form and syntax. They will use Java to implement XML web applications, as well as learning how to use XML to pass data between distributed Java applications. Emphasis is placed on writing well-formed and valid XML, parsing techniques and converting Legacy data with XML.
Course Length: 3 Days
Course Tuition: $1290 (US)


Familiarity with Web and data processing concepts. Fundamentals of XML. Java programming experience is required.

Course Outline


XML and Java
Java and XML
XML Syntax
Document Type Definition
Building Your Own Parser
SAX Parsers
DOM Parsers
Validating vs Non-Validating

Parsing XML with SAX
SAX Basics
Parsing with SAX
SAX Event Methods
Parsing Elements
Parsing Characters and Whitespace
Error Handling
SAX Parser Usage

Parsing XML with DOM
Document Object Model
Document Object
Parsing with DOM
Key DOM Interfaces
NodeList and NamedNodeMap
Text Nodes

Building XML with DOM
Creating an Empty DOM Object
Building the Tree
Cloning Nodes
Combining Document Objects
Writing DOM to XML

Validating XML
Validation in XML
Validation with DTDs
Whitespace with Validation
Validation with XML Schemas
Schema Datatypes
Validating with SAX
Whitespace and Validation
Validating with DOM
Parser Errors
JAXP and XML Schemas
 Basic SOAP
SOAP Overview
The SOAP Envelope
A SOAP Server
The Deployment Descriptor
A SOAP Client
Complex Data Types
Complex Data Types: Client Code

Industrial Strength SOAP
SOAP Messaging
The Messaging Server
The Messaging Client
Web Services

XML Transformations with XSLT
XML Transformations
XSLT Stylesheets
XSLT Processors
XSLT in Servlets
XSL Formatting Objects

Distributed Applications with XML
Distributed Applications Overview
Socket Programming with XML
Servlets and JavaServer Pages
Creating XML from Textual Data
Creating XML from Relational Data
Extracting XML from a ResultSet
Inserting XML Into an RDBMS

Appendix A: JDOM
JDOM Packages
Getting Started with JDOM
JDOM Parsing
Elements and Attributes
Outputting from JDOM
Transforming JDOM using XSLT

Appendix B: Java Advanced Topics
Event Handling

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