Intermediate Java Programming Training

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Course Description

This intensive, hands-on, two day course focuses on enhancing developers skills in the Java API libraries. Students will learn to use common API packages, such collections for storing groups of objects, Swing for building GUI applications, and JDBC for accessing a database. Students will also learn to use inner classes and regular expressions within their Java applications.
Course Length: 2 Days
Course Tuition: $1090 (US)


Introduction to Java or equivalent experience is required.

Course Outline


 Collection Sorting and Tuning
Using Java 5.0 Features with Collections
Sorting with Comparable
Sorting with Comparator
Sorting Lists and Arrays
Collections Utility Methods
Tuning ArrayList
Tuning HashMap and HashSet

 Inner Classes
Inner Classes
Member Classes
Local Classes
Anonymous Classes
Instance Initializers
Static Nested Classes

 Introduction to Swing
AWT and Swing
Displaying a Window
GUI Programming in Java
Handling Events
Arranging Components
A Scrollable Component
Configuring Components
Using the JFileChooser

 Introduction to JDBC
The JDBC Connectivity Model
Database Programming
Connecting to the Database
Creating a SQL Query
Getting the Results
Updating Database Data
Finishing Up

 JDBC SQL Programming
Error Checking and the SQLException Class
The SQLWarning Class
JDBC Types
Executing SQL Queries
Executing SQL Updates
Using a PreparedStatement
Parameterized Statements
Stored Procedures
Transaction Management
 Advanced JDBC
JDBC SQL Escape Syntax
The execute() Method
Batch Updates
Updatable Result Sets
Large Objects
Working with Savepoints

 Regular Expressions
Pattern Matching and Regular Expressions
Regular Expressions in Java
Regular Expression Syntax
Special Characters
The Pattern Class
The Matcher Class
Capturing Groups

 Appendix A - Swing Events and Layout Managers
The Java Event Delegation Model
Action Events
List Selection Events
Mouse Events
Layout Managers

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