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cost: $ 790length: 2 day(s)
In this two-day course students will learn advanced features of XML. Through lecture and hands-on lab exercises, they will extend their capabilities in XML Schema, XPath, and XSLT. In addition, new topics such as XQuery and features of XSLT 2.0 will be discussed ...
cost: $ 1290length: 3 day(s)
This course provides a complete introduction to XML and the Java XML APIs. The course is a balanced mixture of theory and practical labs, designed to take students from the basic fundamentals of XML, right through to mastery of the standard Java XML APIs. The students are walked through the different standards in a structured manner, to enable them to master the concepts and ideas, which are ...
cost: $ 1290length: 3 day(s)
This course is an intensive, hands-on introduction to XML, XPath, and XSLT. The course is a balanced mixture of theory and practical labs designed to take students from the basic fundamentals of XML right through to the advanced XML technologies. The students are walked through the different standards in a structured manner to enable them to master the concepts and ideas, which are reinforced ...
cost: $ 1190length: 3 day(s)
In this three-day course students will learn how to create well-formed XML documents. In addition, they will learn about the most important supplementary technologies that support XML, including DTDs and XML Schema for validation as well as XSLT for transformation. ...
cost: $ 1190length: 3 day(s)
This fast-paced course teaches the features built into Visual Studio .NET for creating and maintaining XML in applications, as well as integrating XML into distributed applications. The course covers: XML standards implemented in the .NET Framework, including the core XML specification, XSLT, and XML schema; the different ways that .NET parses XML data; writing applications that read XML, create ...
cost: $ 2090length: 5 day(s)
This comprehensive course provides a full tour of the most prevalent XML standards, and introductory-to-intermediate training in each: XML itself, XML Schema, XSLT, and XSLFO. This is a great fit for students who are planning to work extensively with XML in the near future, as it gives a good grounding in how to manage XML information, define XML models (using XML Schema), transform XML ...
cost: $ 790length: 2 day(s)
This two-day course teaches the different types of XML parsing available in .NET. The course starts off with an overview of the .NET Framework and XML classes found in the System namespace. It then dives into the different parsing methodologies available from Microsoft and gives an overview of XML technologies in the .NET Framework. Upon completion, students will be fluent in the .NET System.Xml ...
cost: $ 1590length: 4 day(s)
The course includes extensive programming examples, a progressively developed case study, and several tools for manipulating XML documents. All source code is in C# and is provided with the course. The main lab track uses console and Windows Forms client programs, and an optional Web lab track is available that provides ASP.NET client programs. ...
cost: $ 1290length: 3 day(s)
In this course, Java programmers will learn the basics of XML form and syntax. They will use Java to implement XML web applications, as well as learning how to use XML to pass data between distributed Java applications. Emphasis is placed on writing well-formed and valid XML, parsing techniques and converting Legacy data with XML. ...
cost: $ 790length: 2 day(s)
This course gives the student who knows the fundamentals of XML a detailed introduction to the XML Schema standard for defining document type information. The first module introduces the new XML Schema recommendation. Students review the shortcomings of the DTD for expressing type information, and learn how to use XML Schema to create strict document models. Schema data types and structures are ...
cost: $ 390length: 1 day(s)
This course introduces the eXtensible Stylesheet Language, or XSL - also known as XSL with Formatting Objects or XSLFO, to distinguish it clearly from XSLT. XSLFO provides the ultimate, standards-based solution to producing print and other presentation documents from XML information. This course teaches XSL with a focus on producing PDFs, using Apache FOP as the formatting engine. Though XSL is ...
cost: $ 790length: 2 day(s)
In this two-day course you will use the features of XSLT and XPath to develop stylesheets that convert XML documents to other XML, HTML, or text. The course begins with an introduction to commonly used tags such as template, apply-templates, and value-of. From there, you will learn how to use XPath nodetypes, axes, and predicates. Flow control and functions are covered next. Finally, you will ...

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A successful career as a software developer or other IT professional requires a solid understanding of software development processes, design patterns, enterprise application architectures, web services, security, networking and much more. The progression from novice to expert can be a daunting endeavor; this is especially true when traversing the learning curve without expert guidance. A common experience is that too much time and money is wasted on a career plan or application due to misinformation.

The Hartmann Software Group understands these issues and addresses them and others during any training engagement. Although no IT educational institution can guarantee career or application development success, HSG can get you closer to your goals at a far faster rate than self paced learning and, arguably, than the competition. Here are the reasons why we are so successful at teaching:

  • Learn from the experts.
    1. We have provided software development and other IT related training to many major corporations since 2002.
    2. Our educators have years of consulting and training experience; moreover, we require each trainer to have cross-discipline expertise i.e. be Java and .NET experts so that you get a broad understanding of how industry wide experts work and think.
  • Discover tips and tricks about XML programming
  • Get your questions answered by easy to follow, organized XML experts
  • Get up to speed with vital XML programming tools
  • Save on travel expenses by learning right from your desk or home office. Enroll in an online instructor led class. Nearly all of our classes are offered in this way.
  • Prepare to hit the ground running for a new job or a new position
  • See the big picture and have the instructor fill in the gaps
  • We teach with sophisticated learning tools and provide excellent supporting course material
  • Books and course material are provided in advance
  • Get a book of your choice from the HSG Store as a gift from us when you register for a class
  • Gain a lot of practical skills in a short amount of time
  • We teach what we know…software
  • We care…
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