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cost: $ 790length: 2 day(s)
This course explores the fundamentals of effective Product Ownership on an Agile team. Agile Training course provides extensive knowledge and understanding of the principles of Agile, demonstrates how to use the product backlog as a tool for driving successful product outcomes, instructs in the ways of working in partnership with the development organization, and provides a context for ...
cost: $ 790length: 2 day(s)
This 2-day course assures students understand what adopting Scrum will mean for their organization and themselves, and to make passing Certified Scrum Master training a certainty. The course begins with the concepts and terminology of iterative development: developing and delivering portions of a total product according to a well-defined schedule and partitioning of product features. The business ...
cost: $ 390length: 1 day(s)
This 1-day course provides a set of ideas, concepts, tools and techniques for leaders to empower agile teams using an empirical approach to product delivery with Agile and Scrum. Participants will learn the values and principles of agile, what Scrum is, its base components, and how to work with Scrum teams to enable success. ...
cost: $ 1190length: 2 day(s)
Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) is a two-day hands on workshop that takes students through the Scrum Framework. The class is full of practical, real world techniques that ScrumMasters can take back and use immediately at their workplace. The class explores in-depth the roles and responsibilities in Scrum with a deep dive into the role of the ScrumMaster. This class will allow your organization to ...
cost: $ 1190length: 2 day(s)
Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) is an in-depth two day immersion into the world of Agile Product Management. The class is full of practical, real world techniques, which can be implemented immediately at your workplace. This class will allow your organization to enjoy the many advantages Scrum has to offer. Hands-on exercises demonstrate key concepts and let you experience the benefits of ...
cost: $ 390length: 1 day(s)
This one day training course will lay the foundation for understanding and planning successful cost estimates using the Scrum Framework. Scrum Teams will learn how to analyise potential cost, realistic end-time and a full view of the project scope. You will grasp the concepts, principles and methods of accurate estimates, construct robust plans and set appropriate expectations within your ...
cost: contact us for pricing length: 3 day(s)
In this Introduction to Jira Administration class, you'll learn all the ins and outs of configuring a custom Jira instance. You will learn about all the different components of Jira and how to properly piece them together in a comprehensive manner. In this Jira course, you'll learn about Issue types, Project types, Workflow design and customization, custom fields, plugins, permissions, user ...
cost: $ 2060length: 3 day(s)
This 3-day course provides project managers, Scrum masters and team leads the essential skills required to effectively manage a software development project using Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2017. --- This course focuses on Agile methodologies and includes discussions and content focused on both Scrum and Kanban practices. Attendees will plan a new software development ...
cost: $ 2060length: 3 day(s)
This 3-day course provides project managers, scrum masters, and team leads with the essential skills required to effectively manage a software development project using Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). The course focuses on Agile methodologies, and includes discussions and content focused on both Scrum and Kanban practices. We look at how VSTS supports the team during the sprint ...
cost: $ 2090length: 5 day(s)
Learn how to use Object-Oriented techniques to analyze real-world requirements and to design solutions that are ready to code. Students learn how to identify and design objects, classes, and their relationships to each other, which includes links, associations, and inheritance. A strong emphasis is placed on diagram notation for use cases, class and object representation, links and associations, ...
cost: $ 1390length: 3 day(s)
In this PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) Certification Preparation training class, students will gain the required 21 hours of contact hours and prepare to take the PMI-ACP exam. ...
cost: $ 790length: 2 day(s)
In the Professional Scrum Product Owner course, explore and learn to apply the accountabilities of the Product Owner and the principles of Professional Scrum. Gain an understanding of the pivotal role the Product Owner plays in bridging strategy and agile product management in order to help the Scrum ...
cost: $ $790length: 2 day(s)
SAFe Scrum for anyone looking to achieve the benefits of advancing Agile beyond a few teams or projects and achieving business agility for their ...
cost: $ 1150length: 2 day(s)
This dynamic course is filled with practical exercises and real world examples. Experienced Scrum practitioners will walk away with ideas for improving their Scrum practices and students brand new to Scrum will gain a solid understanding of how to get started. Similar to the SM course, the SPO class also goes deeper on the topics more related to the role of the Product Owner. More emphasis on ...
cost: $ 790length: 2 day(s)
is course will provide each student with an overview of key concepts and issues associated with the adoption of a service-oriented architecture, including SOA principles, service design and infrastructure. It will explore the definitions and principles of each type of fundamental shared service to include presentation, business, and data services. Additionally, the course explores SOA runtime ...
cost: $ 3390length: 5 day(s)
This five-day immersion course is designed to get your entire team working efficiently with Microsoft's Application Lifecycle Management solution based around Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2017 or Visual Studio Team Services. The course is divided into different topics on each of the days to help you gain a complete understanding of the features and capabilities of Visual Studio Team ...

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A successful career as a software developer or other IT professional requires a solid understanding of software development processes, design patterns, enterprise application architectures, web services, security, networking and much more. The progression from novice to expert can be a daunting endeavor; this is especially true when traversing the learning curve without expert guidance. A common experience is that too much time and money is wasted on a career plan or application due to misinformation.

The Hartmann Software Group understands these issues and addresses them and others during any training engagement. Although no IT educational institution can guarantee career or application development success, HSG can get you closer to your goals at a far faster rate than self paced learning and, arguably, than the competition. Here are the reasons why we are so successful at teaching:

  • Learn from the experts.
    1. We have provided software development and other IT related training to many major corporations since 2002.
    2. Our educators have years of consulting and training experience; moreover, we require each trainer to have cross-discipline expertise i.e. be Java and .NET experts so that you get a broad understanding of how industry wide experts work and think.
  • Discover tips and tricks about Agile/Scrum programming
  • Get your questions answered by easy to follow, organized Agile/Scrum experts
  • Get up to speed with vital Agile/Scrum programming tools
  • Save on travel expenses by learning right from your desk or home office. Enroll in an online instructor led class. Nearly all of our classes are offered in this way.
  • Prepare to hit the ground running for a new job or a new position
  • See the big picture and have the instructor fill in the gaps
  • We teach with sophisticated learning tools and provide excellent supporting course material
  • Books and course material are provided in advance
  • Get a book of your choice from the HSG Store as a gift from us when you register for a class
  • Gain a lot of practical skills in a short amount of time
  • We teach what we know…software
  • We care…
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