Java Fundamentals Training

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Course Description

You will create basic applications using the Java SE 7 programming language. You will also describe object-oriented concepts, Unified Modeling Language (UML) representation of object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts, and Java platforms and technologies.
Course Length: 5 Days
Course Tuition: $2090 (US)


This is the first course in the series of Java courses and does not have any prerequisites.

Course Outline


Lesson 1: Programming in Java

  • Topic 1A: Create a Simple Java Program
  • Topic 1B: Define a Simple Class
  • Topic 1C: Create and Initialize Variables
  • Topic 1D: Write an Expression
  • Topic 1E: Work with Arrays

Lesson 2: Controlling Program Flow

  • Topic 2A: Write If Statements
  • Topic 2B: Write a Switch Statement
  • Topic 2C: Write a For Loop
  • Topic 2D: Write While and Do…While Loops

Lesson 3: Working with Java Class Libraries

  • Topic 3A: Use the Java Class Library
  • Topic 3B: Invoke Attributes of an Object

Lesson 4: Creating Classes

  • Topic 4A: Define Methods
  • Topic 4B: Overload a Method
  • Topic 4C: Define Constructors
  • Topic 4D: Create Static Class Members
  • Topic 4E: Use Command-Line Arguments
  • Topic 4F: Define JavaBeans

Lesson 5: Implementing Inheritance

  • Topic 5A: Import a Class
  • Topic 5B: Extend a Class
  • Topic 5C: Override Methods
  • Topic 5D: Create Interfaces
  • Topic 5E: Implement Interfaces
  • Topic 5F: Work with Objects

Lesson 6: Representing OOP Concepts Using UML

  • Topic 6A: Introduction to UML
  • Topic 6B: Apply UML

Lesson 7: Identifying Client-Side Technologies

  • Topic 7A: Introduction to Client-Side Technologies
  • Topic 7B: Introduction to Thin UI Clients
  • Topic 7C: Introduction to Fat UI Clients
  • Topic 7D: Introduction to Micro UI Clients

Lesson 8: Identifying Server-Side Technologies

  • Topic 8A: Introduction to Server-Side Technologies
  • Topic 8B: Identify Web Components
  • Topic 8C: Identify Business Components
  • Topic 8D: Process XML and Associating Elements

Lesson 9: Identifying Integration Technologies

  • Topic 9A: Describe Synchronous Communication
  • Topic 9B: Introduction to Web Services
  • Topic 9C: Introduction to Database Connectivity
  • Topic 9D: Describe Asynchronous Communication

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