JDBC - Java Database Connectivity Using Rational Application Developer (RAD) Training

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Course Description

JDBC is a Java technology for accessing SQL databases. It is a core part of J2EE, and it works with every major database product. This hands-on course covers all the details that you will need to use JDBC to access the information in your databases using Java. It also talks about real world issues in using JDBC. All labs are done using the RAD Development Environment, and the lab instructions include detailed directions on using RAD and the RAD wizards and tools.
Course Length: 1 Days
Course Tuition: $690.00 (US)


Suitable for programmers with some previous experience in working with Java and Object-Oriented (OO) programming.

Course Outline

Relational Database and JDBC Overview
Overview, Table Relationships, Web Based Data Access, JDBC Characteristics
JDBC Architecture, JDBC API Overview
DriverManager, JDBC Drivers
Naming databases with JDBC URLs
Connecting to a database
Connection interface, Establishing a connection
Handling Database Exceptions
Data Access
DAO – Data Access Objects, O-R Mapping, Value Objects
Processing Database Data
Executing statements, precompiled statements and stored procedures
Processing ResultSets,
Dealing with Null data
Updating, inserting, retrieving data
Controlling Transactions
JDBC Driver Types
J2EE and DataSource
Using JNDI
Connection Pooling
Overview, Usage, Advantages, Statement Pooling
Advanced Topics
Other Database Access Technologies
SQLJ, O-R Mapping Tools, JDO (Java Data Objects), EJB Entity Beans
Advanced JDBC Features
Batch Updates, Srollable Result Sets, Rowsets, User Defined Types, BLOBS, CLOB

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