Agile Scrum for Leaders Training

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Course Description

This 1-day course provides a set of ideas, concepts, tools and techniques for leaders to empower agile teams using an empirical approach to product delivery with Agile and Scrum. Participants will learn the values and principles of agile, what Scrum is, its base components, and how to work with Scrum teams to enable success.
Course Length: 1 Days
Course Tuition: $390 (US)


For leaders who support, lead, or interact with Agile teams

Course Outline

Scrum Roles
- What are the different roles in Agile Scrum teams?
- Understanding typical challenges that agile team’s face and how to support them
Agile Scrum Principles
- Principles and values of Agile and Scrum 
- Agile Scrum leadership Context
- Agile leadership thinking
Scrum Meetings 
- How traditional work is being handled differently
- Sharing knowledge and communicating correctly
- Understanding what the meetings are for and how to help facilitate efforts 
Managers and Leadership Teams Dynamics
- What is the role of executives in an agile organization? 
- What is the role of a development lead? 
- What is the role of a manager of a Scrum team?
Exploring the role of managers - and look at patterns for success.

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