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Course Description

This intermediate-level course gives JSF developers a rapid introduction to the ICEfaces component library and Ajax framework. We begin with backgrounders in both JSF custom component architecture and Ajax development, as these are essential to understanding both the purpose and the design of ICEfaces. Then, the bulk of class time is occupied in practical, hands-on exercise with ICEfaces. We focus on Ajax -- partial submits and responses, and Ajax Push -- and other cross-cutting features of the framework. Then we survey the component library, drilling down on a few of the most interesting components for demos and lab exercises.
Course Length: 1 Days
Course Tuition: $390 (US)


This course is intended primarily for experienced JSF application developers. Java programming experience is essential. JSP page-authoring experience is required. Servlets programming experience is recommended but not required. Basic knowledge of XML will be helpful, as will any previous experience with HTML.

Course Outline


Chapter 1. Custom Components

  • UI Component Libraries
  • Using a Custom Component Library
  • The Components of a Component
  • Delivering JavaScript
  • Blending Client- and Server-Side Logic

Chapter 2. Ajax Applications

  • What is Ajax?
  • Request Formats
  • Asynchronous Response Handling
  • Alternatives: XMLHttpRequest
  • Alternatives: Direct Web Remoting
  • JSF for Ajax
  • ICEfaces

Chapter 3. ICEfaces Architecture

  • The ICEfaces Value Proposition
  • Acquiring and Configuring ICEfaces
  • PersistentFacesServlet and BlockingServlet
  • JSP, JSP Documents, and Facelets
  • Ajax via "Parital Submit"
  • Ajax Push: RenderManager vs. SessionRenderer
  • Drag and Drop
  • Security Features

Chapter 4. ICEfaces Components

  • Extended Components
  • Custom Components
  • Layout Managers
  • Component Stylesheets
  • <ice:dataTable>
  • <ice:selectDateInput>
  • <ice:panelTooltip>
  • <ice:panelPopup>
  • <ice:panelTabSet>
  • <ice:outputChart>
  • Visual Effects

Appendix A. Learning Resources

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