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Course Description

Understand the core principles of Spring, and of Dependency Injection (DI)/Inversion of Control. Use the Spring Core module and DI to configure and wire application objects (beans) together. Understand and use the complete capabilities of the Core module, such as lifecycle events, bean scopes, and the Spring API. Work with the DAO and/or ORM modules to create a well structured persistence layer with JDBC or Hibernate. Understand and use Spring 2.0's powerful new AOP capabilities for programming cross-cutting concerns across multiple points in an application. Understand and use Spring's transaction support, including Spring 2.0's easy to use tx/aop XML configuration elements, and Java 5 annotations. Understand how Spring MVC works, and how to build well-structured Web applications with it. Understand the basics of Spring Security, and how to secure Web apps and Spring managed beans with it.
Course Length: 3 Days
Course Tuition: $1290 (US)


A good working knowledge of basic Java, JDBC, and Servlets/JSP.

Course Outline

Session 1:  
Overview of Spring Technology
Shortcomings of Java EE, Spring Architecture
Spring Introduction
Managing Beans, Configuration Metadata, The Spring Container, IoC, DI
Dependencies and Dependency Injection (DI)
Dependency Inversion, Dependency Injection (DI) in Spring, DI Configuration, Advantages
Session 2: 
More about Bean Properties
Working with Properties
Configuring Value Properties, Property Conversions, Setter / Constructor Injection
Collection Valued Properties
Configuring  and Using <list>, <set>, <map>, <props>
Additional Capabilities
Factory Methods, Bean Aliases, Definition Inheritance (Parent Beans), Autowiring
Session 3:  
The Spring Container and API
ClassPathXmlApplicationContext, FileSystemXmlApplicationContext, Constructors, Usage
Resource Access
Overview, Resource Implementations
Bean Scope and Lifecycle
Bean Scope Defined, Configuring, Inner Beans, Bean Creation Lifecycle, Using the Lifecycle Interfaces (e.g. BeanFactoryAware), BeanPostProcessor, Even Handling
Defining and Using Resource Bundles, Localization/I18N
Annotation Driven Configuration
@Required, RequiredAnnotationBeanPostProcessor
Dependency Injection with @Resource
@Component, Auto-Detecting Beans, Other Stereotypes
Session 4:  
Database Access with Spring
Issues with JDBC
Examination of Typical JDBC Flow
Introduction to Spring DAO Support
Spring Database API, (Simple)JdbcTemplate,  (Simple)JdbcDaoSupport, DataSources,
Working With and Configuring, <list>, <set>, With Bean Refs, <map>, <props>
Queries and Inserts
RowMapper, ParameterizedRowMapper, Passing Arguments, queryForObject, query, update
Additional API Capabilities
Additional query methods, Passing Type Arguments, queryForList, FetchSize, MaxRows
Using Spring with Hibernate
HibernateTemplate, LocalSessionFactoryBean, Hibernate Configuration, HibernateDaoSupport,
Configuring a Hibernate DAO
HibenateTemplate Query Methods, Using HibernateCallback, Using Contextual Sessions
Session 5:  
Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)
Overview of AOP
AOP Basics, Aspect, Joinpoint, Advice, Pointcut
Introduction to Spring AOP
Capabilities, New 2.0 Configuration (XML and @AspectJ), Weaving, Joinpoints
Using Aspects
XML Configuration with <aop:>
Defining Advice, Configuring Pointcuts, Targets and Proxies
AspectJ Pointcuts, Autoproxies
Using @AspectJ Annotations
@AspectJ Annotations, Declaring Advice
Session 6:  
Spring Transaction (TX) Management
Intro to Spring Transaction Management
Overview, Component TX Model, TX Propagation, Declarative Transactions, TransactionManagers
Using Spring Transactions
Annotation Configured Transactions
@Transactional and its settings
XML Configured Transactions
new <tx:*> elements, Configuring tx:advice, and tx:attributes
Defining the TX advisor
Session 7:  
Overview of Spring Web MVC
Overview - Capabilities, Architecture
Introduction to Spring MVC
DispatcherServlet, Handlers, HandlerMappings
Command Controllers, Commands, View Resolvers
Spring Form Tags, Writing/Processing Forms
Session 8:  
Overview of Spring Security
Overview - Capabilities, Architecture
Introduction to Spring Security
HTTP Security
Method Security
Authentication Providers

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