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Course Description

The Java platform has many powerful capabilities to help developers in the day to day tasks of creating good software systems. Some of this are built into the language, and some are separate tools that have become widely adopted because of their usefulness. This one day course looks at the following three tools that can be of enormous help to programmers that are writing Java systems:
Course Length: 1 Days
Course Tuition: $690.00 (US)


Programmers with experience in working with Java and Object - Oriented (OO) programming.

Course Outline

ant: Basics
ant Overview
Installing and Running ant
Buildfiles, Projects, Targets and Tasks
Creating Build Files
Resource Collections - FileSets, DirSets, Files, PatternSets
Other Resource Collections and Selectors
Running ant
Creating and Using Buildfiles
Using Basic ant Tasks
Working with Paths
Using Resource Collections
ant: Tasks
Overview of ant Tasks
The <javac> Task in Depth
The <java> Task in Depth
Creating Java Archives - <jar>, <war>, <ear>
File Related Tasks
Other Useful Tasks
Working with <javac> and <java>
Creating Archives
Working With File Tasks
ant: Modularity
Properties Files
The <ant> Task and SubProjects
The <import> Task For Importing Buildfiles
Working With Properties Files
Creating Modular Buildfiles
JUnit: Basics
JUnit Overview, Test Driven Development
Tests and Assertions
Running Tests
Working With Exceptions
Writing Tests
Running Tests
Testing Exceptions
JUnit: Organizing Tests
Writing Fixtures - @Before, @After
Test Suites
Other Capabilities
The ant <junit> Task
Using Fixtures
Using Suites
Logging: Basics
Logging Overview
log4j Overview
Loggers, Appenders, Layouts
Configuring log4j
Using log4j
Setting Up log4j
Using Basic log4j Logging
Logging: More On log4j
Logger Heirarchy
Logging Levels
Working With Appenders
Using PatternLayout
Working With Loggers
Working With Appenders
Using Layouts
Logging: Other Logging Frameworks
Java Logging
Apache Commons Logging

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