Object Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML Training

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Course Description

Learn how to use Object-Oriented techniques to analyze real-world requirements and to design solutions that are ready to code. Students learn how to identify and design objects, classes, and their relationships to each other, which includes links, associations, and inheritance. A strong emphasis is placed on diagram notation for use cases, class and object representation, links and associations, and object messages. This course utilizes UML 2.0 notation.
Course Length: 5 Days
Course Tuition: $2090 (US)


Familiarity with structured techniques such as functional decomposition is helpful.

Course Outline

Introduction to OOAD  
Intro: Fields of Study
Object Orientation Overview
Object Oriented Concepts
Stating the Case for Object Orientation
Labs: The OO Paradigm, Object Oriented Concepts
Unified Modeling Language (UML)
Unified Modeling Language Defined
Static Diagrams
Use Case, Class, Package, Component, Deployment
Dynamic Diagrams
Collaboration, Sequence, State Chart, Activity
Labs:Class Diagram, Collaboration/Sequence Diagram, State Diagram
The Software Development Process
Software Development Process Overview
Iterative Processes
Agile Processes
Unified Software Development Process
Disciplines (Workflows)
Use Case Driven, Architecture Centric, Iterative and Incremental
Labs: Civil Engineering vs. Software Development, Software Development Process, The Unified Process
The Inception Phase
Initial Planning
Business Modeling
Requirements Overview
Labs: Identifying Risks, Domain List, Vision Statement, System Context Diagram, Stakeholder Analysis
Introduction to Use Cases
Use Case Details
Create Initial Use Case Model
Labs: Initial Actor List, Discovering Use Cases, Initial Use Case Model
Additional Modeling
Domain Modeling
Discovering Your Types
Technology Modeling
Non-functional Requirements
Labs: Domain Model, Non-functional Requirements
Elaboration Phase
Initial Planning
Detailing Use Cases
Elaborating Use Cases
Refining Analysis Model
Labs: Architectural Use Cases, Detailing Use Cases, Elaborating Use Cases, Identify Analysis Classes
Elaboration - Design
Dynamic Modeling
Frameworks and Tiers
OO Design Principles
Labs:Collaboration Modeling Object Refinement
Introduction to Design Patterns
Exploring a Simple Pattern - Iterator
Design Pattern Background
Labs:Examining Collection Traversal, Examining the Iterator Pattern
Design Patterns: A More Formal Approach
The Gang Of Four Description
The GOF Patterns
Labs:Discussing the GOF Patterns
Moving Deeper Into Patterns
Factory Method Pattern
Strategy Pattern
Decorator Pattern
Template Method Pattern
Labs:Using Factory Method, Using Strategy, Considering Decorator

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