Estimating and Planning for Scrum Teams Training

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Course Description

This one day training course will lay the foundation for understanding and planning successful cost estimates using the Scrum Framework. Scrum Teams will learn how to analyise potential cost, realistic end-time and a full view of the project scope. You will grasp the concepts, principles and methods of accurate estimates, construct robust plans and set appropriate expectations within your organization.
Course Length: 1 Days
Course Tuition: $390 (US)


The ability to create projects and configure boards

Course Outline

- Understand the roles and responsibilities of Scrum teams
- Identify the difference between an estimate, a target and a commitment
- Why traditional approaches fail?
- Challenges in bigger projects 
- Laying ot the foundation upon which you can build daily developments 
- What makes a good estimate planning approach?
- Mark-out the major influences on a estimate and identify potential errors 
- Differentiate between counting, computing or relying on expert judgement
- Key elements and tasks for estimate and user stories 
- Iteration planning and looking ahead to estimates
- How to estimate backlog items 
- Merits of story points and ideal days 
- Guidelines for selecting apporopriate cost estimation models
- Summary

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