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Course Description

Cloud Computing is gaining increasing attention within enterprises of all shapes and sizes, but few technologists actually know how to properly design Cloud solutions. Taking standard software applications, databases, and user interfaces and deploying them in a Cloud environment is a recipe for disaster. Proper scoping, usage modeling, and careful design are all essential to success in the Cloud This two day workshop introduces a Cloud Reference Model and explores various aspects of Cloud solution design from discovery throughout the lifecycle of a Cloud solution all the way to retirement. Special attention is given to requirements and Cloud utilization analysis, Cloud solution design strategies, and deployment scenarios. Upon completion of this course, students will have an understanding of the Cloud Computing environment and practical experience in designing, developing, and deploying Cloud-based solutions. This hands-on workshop consists of 50% hands-on labs in an actual Cloud Computing development environment, and 50% lecture and discussion. Students should have some hands-on experience developing software, but the focus of the course is upon architecture and design considerations within the Cloud.
Course Length: 2 Days
Course Tuition: $$990 (US)


Cloud Computing Workshop

Course Outline


Chapter 1. Cloud Reference Model

  • Parsing the Cloud Service Model
  • Cloud Reference Model
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cloud Infrastructure – Vendor Comparison
  • Cloud Infrastructure - Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Software
  • SaaS - Cloud Services
  • SaaS - Cloud Applications
  • Summary

Chapter 2. Cloud Layering

  • Cloud Layering
  • Content Services
  • Logic Services
  • Orchestration in the Cloud
  • Utility - Security Services
  • Utility - Data Services
  • Layering Example – 1/5
  • Layering Example – 2/5
  • Layering Example – 3/5
  • Layering Example – 4/5
  • Layering Example – 5/5
  • Summary

Chapter 3. SDLC in the Cloud

  • Software Development Lifecycle in the Cloud
  • Requirements Discovery
  • Cloud-Based Analysis and Design
  • Development
  • Development- Cont'd
  • Implementation and Testing
  • Monitoring
  • Retirement
  • Summary

Chapter 4. Requirements Discovery

  • Discovering Cloud Requirements
  • Discovery Workshops
  • Running a Discovery Workshop
  • Cloud Requirements
  • Scoping Cloud Requirements
  • Documenting Expected, Average and Peak Usage
  • Defining Cloud Service Levels
  • Discovery Best Practices
  • Discovery Best Practices (Cont'd)
  • Discovery Gotchas
  • Summary

Chapter 5. Analysis and Design

  • Analysis and Design in the Cloud
  • Analyzing Cloud Requirements
  • Requirements Management
  • Analysis Workflow
  • Mapping Cloud Requirements to Usage Scenarios
  • Introduction to Cloud Design
  • Designing Cloud Solutions
  • Design the Cloud Service Interface
  • Designing Cloud Functional Requirements
  • Designing Cloud Non-Functional Requirements
  • Analysis and Design Best Practices
  • Analysis and Design Gotchas
  • More Design Gotchas
  • Summary

Chapter 6. Cloud Design Strategies

  • Cloud Design Strategies
  • Designing for Cloud Availability
  • Designing for Cloud Security
  • Designing for Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Storage Model
  • Designing for Cloud Management
  • Designing for Cloud Maintainability
  • Designing for Cloud Service Reuse
  • Designing for Cloud Agility
  • Designing for Cloud Usability
  • Additional Usability Considerations
  • Summary

Chapter 7. Cloud Development

  • Implementing Cloud Services
  • Common Pitfalls for Cloud Developers
  • Building Composite Solutions
  • Cloud Development Stacks
  • Creating Services for Amazon WS
  • Testing in the Amazon Cloud
  • Deploying Amazon Web Services
  • Consuming Amazon Web Services
  • Creating Services for Google
  • Testing Google Cloud Services
  • Deploying Google Services
  • Consuming Google Services
  • Summary

Chapter 8. Cloud Governance

  • Cloud Governance
  • Top Cloud Computing Consumer Risks
  • Top Cloud Computing Provider Risks
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Defining Cloud Governance
  • Cloud Governance Model
  • Key Artifacts
  • Governance Life Cycle
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Governance Best Practices
  • Governance Gotchas
  • Summary

Chapter 9. Cloud SLAs

  • The Importance of Cloud SLAs
  • What Belongs in a Cloud SLA?
  • Minimal Cloud SLA
  • Robust Cloud SLA
  • More SLA Items...
  • Governing Cloud Service Quality
  • Supporting Clouds
  • Summary

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