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Course Description

JUnit is the defacto standard framework for unit testing Java applications. This Express JUnit class teaches programmers how to setup, design and build unit tests that greatly improve the quality of their software.
Course Length: 1 Days
Course Tuition: $890 (US)


A basic understand of Java is required. JUnit makes extensive use of annotations. Therefore, Java developers should be comfortable with Java annotations.

Course Outline


JUnit Intro

  •  Origins and foundation
  •  Rules of unit testing
  •  Obtaining, setup, configure JUnit
  •  Unit test execution 


  •  Test case/class
  •  Test methods
  •  Assert methods
  •  Test suite
  •  Test runner

Additional API and Best Practices

  •  Additional JUnit annotations
  •  Exception testing
  •  Test Timeouts
  •  Hamcrest Matchers
  •  What to test
  •  Unit test naming
  •  Test organization 

Software Testing

  •  Why unit testing
  •  Types of tests
  •  Types of unit tests
  •  Black vs. white box testing
  •  Code coverage
  •  Testable code
  •  Test-driven development

Stubs and Mock Objects

  •  Simulating missing objects
  •  Stubs
  •  Mock Objects and Mock Frameworks
  •  EasyMock
  •  JMock
  •  Stub vs. Mock

JUnit Extensions

  •  xUnit
  •  Unit testing and non-Java
  •  JUnit extensions and tools 


  •  DbUnit - to unit test the persistence layer
  •  JWebUnit - to unit test Java Web applications

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