Unix Security Administration Training

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Course Description

This five-day course enhances system administrator's abilities to develop practical security measures on their Solaris machines. Students will be provided with hands-on experience in addition to valuable security knowledge.
Course Length: 5 Days
Course Tuition: $1690 (US)


Completion of Introduction to UNIX, UNIX Administration I, and UNIX Administration II or equivalent experience.

Course Outline


Security Concepts
What is Security?
Scope of this Manual
Staying up to Date
Thinking Like the Enemy

Creating a Security Policy
What is a Security Policy?
Step 1 - Initially Secure the System
Step 2 - Maintain System Security
Step 3 - Recovery

Securing User Accounts
Account Names
Mail aliases
The /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow and /etc/group files
Users and their passwords
Users with no passwords
Forcing user to change their password
Preventing user from changing their password
Restricted shell
Application accounts
Same UID, multiple user accounts
Dealing with the su command
Saving login failures
Tool: ASET
Tool: Crack
Other tools

Securing System Accounts
The root Account
Tools: COPS
Other System Accounts
Group System Account

Securing the File System
Basic UNIX permissions
Setting default permissions
Special permission: SUID
Special permission: SGID
Special permission: sticky bit
Access Control Lists (ACL)
Changing the ownership of a file
Changing the group ownership of a file
Device files
Disk Quotas
Tool: Using pkgchk to detect security problems
Tool: Tiger

System Startup and Processes
Boot Up Process
Process Control

cron and at
crontab vs. at
Using the crontab Command
Using the at Command
Additional Security Concerns Regarding crontab and at
Tool: Tripwire

System Logs
Typical System Logs
Process Accounting

Programmed Threats
What are Programmed Threats?
Protecting Against Programmed Threats
Executable Stacks

Physical Security
What is Physical Security?
Access Protection
Protecting PROM
Natural Disasters
Hardware Error

Network Security
Overview of Network Security
Basic Networking Files
Network Services
Unnecessary Services
Tool: Secure Shell
Tool: Satan

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