Git for Developers Training

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Course Description

This course introduces the fundamentals of Git: the version control software. Students will learn how to install, configure and use Git. In addition, students will also learn about GitHub and other Git tools.
Course Length: 2 Days
Course Tuition: $790 (US)



Course Outline

Version Control Software
What is Version Control
Types of: local, central and distributed 
History of Git
Git vs other Version Control Software
Terminology & States
How to configure Git
Installing from Source
GUI Options & Integrating with IDEs
Setting User ID
Default Editor
Formatting and Whitespace
Git Concepts
Git Object Types
Content-Addressable Names
Pathnames vs. Content
Pack Files
Objects, Hashes and Blobs
Files and Trees
SHA1 Hashes
Initializing a Repository in a Directory
Cloning an Existing Repository
Checking the Status of Files
Tracking New Files
Staging Modified Files
Ignoring Files
Moving & Removing Files
Working with Remote Repositories
Committing Changes
Skipping the Staging Area
Viewing Commit History
Rolling Back Changes
Absolute vs. Relative Commit Names
Commit Graphs & Ranges
Finding Commits
Branches in Git
Creating a Branch
Switching Branches
HEAD Branches
Merging Branches
Merge Conflicts
Branch Management
Workflows using Branches
Remote Branches
Rebasing Branches
Merging vs. Rebasing
Distributed Git
Distributed Workflows
Centralized Workflow
Contributing to a Project
Private Small & Managed Teams
Forked Public Project
Maintaining a Project
Topic Branches
Applying Patches
Checking out Remote Branches
Build Numbers
Git Tools
Revision Selection
Interactive Staging
Stashing and Cleaning
Signing Files
Rewriting History
Submodules & Bundling
Credential Storage

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