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Course Description

This one day course looks at three tools that can be of enormous help to programmers that are writing Java systems: ant, a Java-based build tool that uses XML configuration files to control the build, JUnit, a testing framework that simplifies writing and maintaining test code, and logging with log4J, commons logging, or java logging, logging packages that make logging efficient and easy to use. These technologies are very powerful, yet it is easy to learn the basics in a very short time. This one day course provides those basics, and gives programmers the experience necessary to use these tools to be more productive and create better software systems.
Course Length: 1 Days
Course Tuition: $790 (US)


Programmers interested in fine-tuning their Java skills, increasing their productivity, and creating better software systems.

Course Outline


Introduction to ant
What is ant?
A Simple Buildfile
Installing and Running ant
Acquiring ant
ant Installation
Running ant
Command Line Options
ant Basics
ant Buildfiles and Projects
ant Targets
A More Complicated Buildfile
ant Tasks
The Task
The and Tasks
A Complete Buildfile
Running our Buildfile
How is ant Useful?
Working with Properties
Built-In Properties

Working with Paths and Resource Collections
Path-Like Strutures
Specifying the Classpath
Nested Element
Resource Collections
Nested and
Other Use of

ant Tasks
- Specifying Source Files
- Compiler Options
- Passing Argument
- Forking and JVM Arguments
Other Tasks
Creating Archives with
Creating Web Archives with
Other Archive Tasks
File Related Tasks
Other Useful Tasks
Including New Tasks

ant Modularity
Properties Files
- Importing Another Buildfile
Buildfile Defining Common Targets
Buidlfile Importing Another
- Invoking Another Building
JUnit Overview
Testing Overview Unit Testing
Writing JUnit Tests
What is a Unit Test
The org.junit.assert Class
The Assert Class and Static Imports
Writing Tests
Testing for Exceptions
Running the Tests
The Result and Failure Classes
What to Test

Organizing Tests with JUnit
Fixtures and Suites
Test Fixtures
Test Suites
ant Task
Setting Up ant for Using

Introduction to Logging & Log4J
Logging Overview
Apache Log4J Overview
Using Log4J
Configuring Log4J
Loggers, Levels, and Appenders
Log4J Loggers
Using Loggers
Log4J Appenders
Configuration File Details
Configuring Appenders and Loggers
Logger Hierarchy
Configuring Logger Levels
Level Inheritance
Log4J Appenders
Configuring Appenders
Appender Additivity
About Categories and Priorities
Other Details
Disabling Debugging and Performance
Java Logging
Apache Commons Logging 

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